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Nalgene® Packaging Bottles

Nalge Packaging BottlesNalge uses only the purest resins in these bottles. The absence of plasticizers or extenders such as phthalates eliminates an important source of sample contamination. Better than glass – lighter in weight, with better protection against leakage, breakage, and contamination. Seal rings, which are molded inside the one-piece, linerless closures, fit tightly against the chamfered inner edge of the bottle neck, providing a guaranteed leakproof system.

A key to Nalge’s quality lies in their injection-blow-molding process. This method allows much more precise control of the neck area and chamfer, and less variability in wall thickness. It also produces a smoother, more stable bottom, with less molded-in stress that could cause failure. There are no pinchoffs to cause creases or splits, which could harbor contaminants. Other features include radiused inner surfaces to facilitate cleaning, and continuous, straight-shouldered semi-buttress threads (instead of lower quality round threads) on all bottles and closures.

Natural HDPE Bottles

Polypropylene screw closure. Durable, translucent, general-purpose rigid wall bottles are ideal for storing, shipping and packaging most liquids. These bottles provide excellent chemical resistance; they can be used with most corrosives. Our own laboratory’s choice for sensitive surface tension test fluid packaging.

Narrow Mouth Bottles

These all-purpose Boston rounds reduce evaporation of volatile compounds

Nalge Packaging Bottles
Prod Code Capacity Nalge p/n Price (each) Quantity
oz. mL
63101 1 30 312089-0001 $0.70
63102 2 60 312089-0002 $0.75
63104 4 125 312089-0004 $0.90
63108 8 250 312089-0008 $1.45
63116 16 500 312089-0016 $1.95
63132 32 1000 312089-0032 $3.30

Wide Mouth Bottles

These bottles offer easy filling and dispensing of liquids, slurries, powders, etc.

Wide Mouth Bottles
Prod Code Capacity Nalge p/n Price (each) Quantity
oz. mL
63201 1 30 312189-0001 $0.75
63202 2 60 312189-0002 $0.80
63204 4 125 312189-0004 $0.95
63208 8 250 312189-0008 $1.55
63216 16 500 312189-0016 $2.15
63232 32 1000 312189-0032 $3.65
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