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This bibliography offers a fairly extensive (but by no means exhaustive) selection of journal and magazine articles, books, symposium presentations, online articles, patents, dissertations, and other miscellany concerning the treatment of polymer (and other) surfaces, and the methods used to measure the effects of these surface modifications as related to surface energy and adhesion.

We have also included citations which are more directly focused on specific technologies — such as flexography, polymer metallization, extrusion coating, and structural bonding, to name only a few — insofar as the source addresses the underlying role of surface properties or the means of their measurement in the course of the discussion.

It is assumed that the primary purpose this bibliography will serve is as a locator of information on rather specific topics. For this reason, we have chosen to include every verifiable source we can find which directly pertains to the topics of interest described above. As such, this list includes what are obviously redundant entries (from a professional conference and re-published as a chapter of a book, e.g.); those which are extremely obscure; and some, especially from commercial trade journals or company publications, which are somewhat trivial.

Over time, some of the internet links will undoubtedly become obsolete. Still, sometimes with a little extra research, you may be able to find an updated url or an altogether different source of the same information.

If you know of any literature which should be cited in this bibliography and is currently absent, please e-mail us with details.