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Rex Durometer Operating Stands and Accessories

Operating Stands

These operating stands control test conditions to eliminate operator error. Models OS-1 and OS-AUTO are appropriate for use with all durometers except Type M. Models OS-2 and OS-2H are appropriate for Types A, B, O, and E. Model OS-3 is to be used with Type M durometers, and is required for their use to be in accord with ASTM D2240. OS-1, OS-2, OS-2H, and OS-3 are generally available from manufacturer stock; OS-AUTO has a lead time of about three weeks.

Item # Product List Sell at
26301 OS-1 $1,495.00 $1,350.00
26302 OS-2 $930.00 $865.00
26303 OS-3 $1,255.00 $1,165.00
26312 OS-2H $1,255.00 $1,165.00
26320 OS-AUTO $4,525,00 $3,985.00


These accessories provide the following benefits: Uniform test pressure provided by a static weight (item 26351), USB computer connectivity (items 26361 and 26362), and protection of operating stands from airborne contaminants (item 26371).

Item # Product List Sell at
26351 Static Weight $120.00 $118.00
26361 USB Cable $100.00 $103.50
26362 USB Smart Cable $375.00 $351.50
26371 Operating Stand Dustcover $25.00  $24.85