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CSC DuNouy Tensiometer

Proven for Laboratory Measurement of Surface Tension

CSC DuNouy TensiometerCSC DuNouy TensiometerCSC DuNouy TensiometerQuick – ring method allows readings within 15-30 seconds

Direct Reading – circular scale is graduated in dynes/cm

Reproducible Results – readings can be reproduced to within +/- 0.05 dyne/cm

Portable – supplied with rugged carrying case/or safe, easy transport

Stable – cast tripod support with convenient leveling feet

This precision instrument provides precise readings of upward interfacial and surface tensions by the ring method to values reproducible to within + /- 0.05 dyne/cm. It is specified for determining interfacial tension of oil against water by the ring method (ASTM Std. D971); for testing solutions of surface-active agents (ASTM Std. C1331); for testing synthetic rubber lattices (ASTM Std. D1417); and for determining the surface tension of industrial water and industrial wastewater (ASTM Std. D1590). It is also widely used to test inks, coatings, and adhesives.

Code: 28001
List: $7383.00
Our Price: $6150.00

CSC Interfacial DuNouy Tensiometer (dual direction testing)

This model is designed to measure either upward or downward force on the ring. The graduated dial reads in both directions from zero, and a double vernier is provided. The two scales and corresponding verniers have graduations and figures of contrasting colors to indicate whether the measured force is upward or downward.

Code: 28002
List: $8614.00
Our Price: $7235.00

Both instruments are quickly adjusted and calibrated. They are supplied fully assembled, and are furnished with three extra torsion wires and a 6 cm platinum-iridium ring. Replacement wires and rings are readily available.

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DuNouy upwards tensiometer $ 7383.00 $ 6150.00
DuNouy interfacial tensio $ 8614.00 $ 7235.00
Upwards tensio torsion wire $ 24.50 $ 28.50
Dual tensio torsion wire $ 24.50 $ 28.50
6 cm ring for upward tensio $ 891.00 $ 735.00
6 cm ring for dual tensio $ 891.00 $ 735.00