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Digital Stopwatches and Timers

‘Nobody Beats ACCUSPLIT® Value’

Model A 705X


5 Year Warranty; 0.01 Sec. Precision

With no-fail, million-cycle snap action switches and other professional features, these stopwatches support a variety of critical lab timing tasks. Color coded button functions ensure easy, accurate use test after test. ACCUSPLIT® digital timers have proven quite popular for process control and industrial engineering uses, as well as for laboratory applications. Three year battery life.

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Pro Survivor A 601X

Pro Survivor A 601X

Accurate to 0.1 Second/Hour

This best-selling economy model combines the features of a precision stopwatch (with 0.01 second timing), 12 or 24 hour clock, calendar, and alarm. Its quartz crystal counter assures timing precison and long-term clock accuracy. Easily programmed and switched between modes with only three control buttons. Shock and water-resistant; operating temperature from 140 to 1380F (-10° to 59° C) . Three year battery life; five year limited warranty.

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Model AX520S Jumbo Display Tabletop Timer

Model AX520S Clock Timer

This battery-powered compact table - or bench-top timer’s jumbo LCD display is easy to read, even at a distance. It includes a built-in electronic beeper for alarm and countdown functions. Counts down from 10 hours with alarm at zero; automatically resets to countdown interval stored in memory. Five year limited warranty. Includes single C-cell battery.

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