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SILICONE Sleeves for Corona Treaters

DIagram of high voltage electrode, corona discharge, and silicone treater sleeveLife inside a corona treater is hell. Dielectrics must withstand high frequency, high voltage discharge, plasma-induced ion bombardment, elevated temperature, and concentrated ozone. Even the slightest defect can result in premature failure.

We closely inspect each and every sleeve that goes out the door, and we guarantee our sleeves against immediate blowout on your treater. That’s why we can say, with full assurance, “Our silicone sleeves are equal or superior to those supplied by the world’s leading corona treater manufacturers.”

If you are still buying replacement sleeves from your treater manufacturer, you are probably spending more on machine upkeep than necessary. And, if you are strictly fishing for rock-bottom prices regardless of quality, you risk unexpected downtime. In either case, it’s likely we can help you reduce operating costs and improve process reliability.

Please take a moment to review the following information, then call with any additional questions.

We ship via ground service prepaid at no charge to all U.S. commercial addresses, and correspondingly discount all residential and air shipments. Minimum order $40.00.


Fits Roll OD* Color Max
Wall** Price
" Metric
1.5" 38mm Orange 250°F .080" $1.15
2.0" 51mm Orange 250°F .080" $1.35
2.5" 64mm Red 250°F .080" $1.85
2.5" 64mm Orange 250°F .118" $1.85
3.0" 76mm Orange 250°F .080" $1.85
3.5" 89mm Green 250°F .080" $2.85
4.0" 102mm Orange 250°F .080" $2.25
6.0" 152mm Orange 250°F .095" $3.15
8.0" 203mm Orange 250°F .102" $4.55

*These sleeves will fit any roll OD within /- 0.125 (3mm) of listed size

**Wall thickness variance: +/- .006"

Dielectric Constant: 4-5

Hardness (Shore A): 70-80

Dielectric Strength: 250 v/mil

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