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Testers who regularly use ACCU DYNE TEST™ products may wish to take advantage of a pre-scheduled delivery service we have offered since 1987. We call this the Autofill™ program. You can specify any delivery schedule you require for a period of up to three years (we strongly suggest a schedule which will ensure your supply of test materials will remain within its guaranteed shelf life).

Pricing will not change for the duration of your purchase order. Your Autofill™ order can be altered or canceled at any time (we do ask for notice at least one week in advance of the next scheduled ship date).

For United States orders amounting to $50.00 or more of ACCU DYNE TEST™ products per shipment, we ship your order by ground service at no charge. For international orders we offer up to a 50% discount on shipping charges, depending on order volume. Smaller orders are billed at our normally discounted shipping rates.

In short, for most order quantities, you save three ways: reduced purchasing paperwork, free shipping, and inflation-proof pricing. The Autofill™ program is especially attractive to ISO certified manufacturers who must trace all quality operations and assure fresh test supplies. Please call, fax, or email your questions or request for a specific proposal.